Strategy Guide to Hay Day

Hay Day has been developed by Supercell Company who has previously developed Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. This Hay Day game is an easy one where players can level up the gameplay as soon as they get the hang of few of the tips and tricks for making a faster win. This can be done by making effective strategies for earning coins and diamonds along with proper tactics for managing sugar or cream and eating.

Here are some of the Hay Day Cheats which can increase your chances of victory:
Levelling up tricks

One can gather XP or experiencing points which are usually gained by purchasing things or harvesting crops or by getting your created things claimed. The best way to gain this XP is by getting the orders of truck delivery filled up with the highest experience points in bounty and further ensuring to get the low bounties order thrown out.

Another strategy of leveling up in the game is getting more and more wheat harvested. One should harvest their crops as soon as possible so as to reach the ultimate level of XP for every hour.

Players should allow the game levels as they tend to come and get their sizeable wealth including coins built in the meantime.

Best ways to gain some coins

One must ensure to have the slots at the RSS or Roadside Shop filled always. Also, one must make sure to keep collecting the XP points with the help of the competing activities and further sell out all those items or products to gain a number of coins.
This RSS tends to be somewhat better than those truck visitors and order which are used to gain coins. Players should not purchase any item or product from others’ hands unless they plan to resell those items for more coins. In this one, players can afford those mentioned machines needed to level up the game in later levels.
Players must ensure to get those advertisements slapped on everything possible. In this way, they can collect a great number of visitors at their RSS, earning them a huge amount of coins.

The above mentioned strategies, when undertaken by the players, will surely help them in experiencing an effective win. This game of Hay Day provides exciting features and rewards which further keep the players interested till the ultimate level. By following some tricks and using a hay day hack you can level up the game to a great extent, providing much fun to the gamers within a shorter time span.

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Cell phones

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