Life Saving Technology

As the development of new technology such as Smartphone’s, cell phone apps, and OnStar increase constantly we may not think about how these can actually save our lives in threatening situations. You may be surprised at just how valuable technology can be to our lives.
Cell phones

Apps: Weather apps offer alerts that can notify you of threatening weather allowing you to prepare. WeatherBug is one app that sends breaking weather alerts, satellite images, and forecast to your phone. According to Forbes on MSNBC the Federal Communications Commission is developing a system that will send text alerts for national emergencies as well. There are apps available that can assist in giving CPR, send medical information to hospitals and doctors, and give drug interaction information. The list goes on, many apps have been developed to help save lives.

Hands Free: Most cell phones now are equipped with a speaker phone or a hands free system which allows drivers to keep both hands focused on driving well having a conversation.

GPS: Cell phones have GPS capabilities which could help if you are lost or in a situation that authorities need to locate you.

E911: E911 allows a person to call 911 in the event of an emergency even if there service is disconnected providing that the cell phone is charged.

I.C.E.: The system was developed and is promoted to help emergency personal determine who to contact in the event that you are injured and unable to respond. By programming I.C.E. and then the name and number of who you want contacted in your cell phone contacts the emergency personal will be able to do so.


Automatic Crash Response: Sensors notify a call center of an accident even if you are unable to respond. Certain information regarding the accident can be sent so that emergency personal are better prepared when arriving. Built in GPS allows emergency responders to locate you and help.

Crisis Assist: During threatening weather advisors can assist with safe routes to get you to a secure location.

Roadside Assistance: Assistance can be provided if there is a problem with your vehicle at the touch a button, keeping you safe until assistance arrives.

Diagnostics: Sensors can notify you if there is a problem with your car or a potential dangerous problem so you can avoid an accident or breakdown.